How To Sell Records – Online 10 Steps For Beginners

How To Sell Records – Online 10 Steps For Beginners

1 – write a good Song

to Create a good song you should start with an Intro wich should match with your persona a song requires up to three verses with 16 bars or less depending on the genre you should find a topic for your song and a catchy hook wich easy to remember write down your ideas and start planning and constructing the song.

2 – find a good recording studio

visit different recording studios in your town or city and dont be afraid to spend money because music is a costy bussiness , at the end of the day you will definetly find the best recording studio by comparing the recording qualities and the price ranges.

3. – Mixing and Mastering your Songs

You can pay the Producer at the studio or use online mixing and mastering platforms like laundry.

4. – Get a Publishing and Distribution

Sign up with tunecore

5. – Send your Music to Music Promoters

there are alot of music promoters on several online platforms

6. -Radio Physical and Online Promotion

sign up here

7. – Connect to Youtube Promotion Channels

8. – Make a Music Video

9. – Sell Your VIdeos In Itunes And Vevo

10. Get Payed

30 Minute List Building Challenge


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